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Special Diffractometer Attachments


Special Diffractometer Systems


The common diffractometers could be modified to perform special studies. For such purposes the special sets of diffractometer attachments are used. Today many diffractometer makers use the modular principle in planning and design of instruments, such that various attachments could be used easily, without need for major realignment. Probably, the most important diffractometer attachment is an automatic  sample changer.


Automatic Samples Changers: High volume powder diffraction laboratories commonly use high capacity sample changers. The quantity of samples which can be loaded for measurements in some systems reachs up to 40, which is very convenient for overnight and weekend operations.


High and Low Temperature Attachments: Ability to heat or cool the samples in situ is important for understanding of phase stability, and for phase transition studies. Several important systems are listed below:


Sample positioning systems: Eulerian cradle or linear sample positioning systems


Grazing Incidence Diffraction: X-ray radiation has a large penetration depth into any matter. Due to this property X-ray diffraction is not surface sensitive by itself. Grazing Incidence Diffraction (GID) is the technique to overcome this restriction. The measurements are performed at very low incident angles to maximize the signal from the thin layers. This allows depth profiling of the phase composition of layered samples.



Rigaku special attachment systems


For Multipurpose Measurement
 Multipurpose Measurement Attachment MPA-2000 Optical System

 Max-Flux® Optical System

Thermal Environment Control
 High Temperature X-ray Diffractometer Attachment SHT-1500
 Direct Heating High Temperature Attachment DHT-1600
 2500°C High Temperature X-ray Diffractometer Attachment
 Medium Temperature X-ray Diffractometer Attachment
 Medium & Low Temperature X-ray Diffractometer Attachment
 Low Temperature X-ray Diffractometer Attachment
 Programming Temperature Controller PTC-30

For Specific Purposes
 Diffracted Beam Monochromator
 X-ray Diffractometer equipped with Incident Beam Monochromator
 Thin Film X-ray Diffractometer Attachment
 Fiber Specimen Attachment
 High Temperature Fiber Specimen Attachment for Elongation
 Stress Analysis Attachment

For Functional Improvement
 Automatic Sample Changer for 43 Samples (ASC-43)
 Automatic Sample Changer for 6 Samples (ASC-6)
 Specimen Rotation & Oscillation Attachment
 Specimen Rotation Attachment
 Stepping Motor System Specimen Rotation Attachment
 Specimen Airtight Attachment
 Battery Cell Attachment

 Curved type PSD

HUBER Diffraktionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG


Circle Positioning Devices

Goniometer Series 400

Eulerian Cradles Series 500

Circle Segments Series 5202

Circle Segments Series 5203


Guinier Camera  670

uses of an image foil instead of the  X-ray film. The camera unit includes scan device and erasure lamp. This new type of instrument combines the high resolution of the X-ray film technique with the extreme sensitivity of imaging plates. A decent powder diffractogram from 0° to 50° Theta is obtainable within a couple of minutes, ready for Rietveld-Analysis.
The samples are located outside of the closed camera housing. The film cylinder can be evacuated to reduce the air scattering background. The Guinier Camera 670 fits onto the Adjustment Base 601 and can be used with any of the HUBER Guinier Monochromators Series 611/15. The system includes data collection and software running on a standard PC.
Heater unit 670.3 for use with 670. 2 (requires High Temperature Controller HTC 9634), low temperature attachment 670.4.The High Temperature Controller HTC 9634 is especially designed to operate the small furnaces used in the heater attachments of models 231, 644 and 655. Comparable custom built furnaces may be driven as well. The HTC 9634 is fully programmable via serial interface.





 Transmission (rotation, optional: step motor controlled Phi)
 Capillary (rotation)
 Reflection (rotation, optional: step motor controlled rotation)
 Open Eulerian cradle with step motor controlled Phi, Psi
 Multi - Purpose Analyzer - Stage


Sample changer

 Transmission (30 samples)
 Reflection (12 samples of various thickness)
 Capillary (10 capillaries)

High and low temperature attachments
 RT ... 950�C Capillary and transmission
 RT ... 1500�C Capillary, wire and transmission
 RT ... 2000�C Capillary, wire and transmission
 -70 ... 950�C Capillary and transmission
 80 ... 375 K (Oxford Cryostream Cooler)

Small Angle Scattering Attachment
O.E.M. attachments adaptable


 Linear Position Sensitive Detector
 Curved Position Sensitive Detector
 Imaging Plate Position Sensitive Detector
 Scintillation Counter
 Imaging Plates


INEL Instrumentation Electronique



High temperature furnace,

Capillary furnace,




Sample Holders

Sample holder for fibers

Sealed sample holder

Transmission,/reflection sample holder

Capillary sample holder

Sample changer


Thin films, reflectometry, texture


G3000 multipurpose modular goniometer

Grazing diffraction,
Rocking curve,
Variable temperature,
Combinatorial studies






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