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Conventional laboratory diffractometers are suitable for more than 95% of all diffraction studies. However, some special cases require higher brilliancy X-ray sources than sealed or rotating anode sources. Such X-rays of required wavelength ( versus constant wavelength X-ray tubes) are available at Synchrotron facilities. Incident X-ray is scattered by electrons of atoms constituting crystalline matter. The positions of diffraction peaks are governed by Braggs Law and are determined by type and size of a unit cell. The intensity of diffraction peaks in powder diffraction pattern depends upon scattering properties of atoms populating the certain (according to Space Group) cell.  It is also worth mentioning that the atomic scattering power falls off with increasing scattering angle, because the electron cloud of atoms has a finite size.

Neutrons are diffracted not from electrons, but from nuclei. The nuclear scattering properties of atoms are different from their X-ray scattering properties. In certain cases  neutron diffraction experiments could solve problems which seem to be difficult or impossible using x-ray diffraction.

We have access to synchrotron and neutron facilities. You may use our services to collect synchrotron and/or neutron diffraction data. We can help you with data collection, analysis, or writing a proposal for these facilities. Below we describe available facilities if you wish to contact them directly.

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