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Stoe is a company with an excellent reputation for building the highest quality powder and single crystal diffractometers. When concerns are reliability, accuracy and excellent customer service you can relay on this marvel of German engineering.



A powder diffractometer system with the possibility to use one or two independent either horizontal or vertical mounted goniometers on one X- tube (or one goniometer and one small angle unit).

The STOE Transmission / Debye-Scherrer goniometer with focusing primary monochromator (symmetric curved Ge(111)) provides excellent resolution and symmetrical peak profiles.  The STOE Bragg/Brentano goniometer can be equipped on request with mirrors or plane monochromator.

Typical sample holders are capillary spinners with or without goniometer head, transmission or reflection mode sample holders. Sample changers for 30 transmission samples, 10 capillaries or 12 reflection samples of various thickness available. High/ low temperature attachments, humidity chamber.

Linear position sensitive detector with up to 6° aperture or 140° curved imaging plate detector or scintillation counter.



Three geometries in one diffractometer: Transmission/Debye-Scherrer, micro diffraction as well as low and high resolution Bragg/Brentano. Primary beam monochromator (asymmetric curved Ge(111)).

Sample holders: As above and multi purpose analyzer stage, Eulerian cradle.

Linear PSD, scintillation counter with or without secondary monochromator, curved imaging plate detector.


Vertically built STADI P for combinatorial or high throughput analysis in transmission mode. Horizontally mounted x/y-sample stage, sample holders with up to 96 wells, humidity chamber, capillary and transmission sample holder. Automated evaluation software. Linear PSD or  curved imaging plate detector.



Theta/theta diffractometer with manual or automated slit system, as well as X-ray mirrors or secondary monochromator. Linear PSD or scintillation counter. Different sample holders and O.E.M. attachments adaptable.

All Stoe diffractometers come with efficient state-of-the-art control and evaluation software WinXPOW.  Optional packages like Search/Match, Reflectometry, GMP etc. available.




The Bede D1 is a general-purpose high-resolution diffractometer, used world-wide in industrial, university and government research laboratories. It has the highest precision optical encoders in a commercial instrument (0.00005 degrees) and is capable of performing all of the tasks below:

High resolution diffraction rocking curves, q -2 q scans

Triple axis scans (reciprocal space mapping)

Grazing incidence reflectivity, both specular and diffuse scatter

Powder diffraction with metrological accuracy of 0.002°

Texture and stress measurements

X-ray topography, with the new BedeScan attachment Grazing incidence XRD for surface measurement


Madison, WI 53711 USA


All tasks for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, peak profile analysis, residual stress determination and structure solution:  powder samples, oriented powder, thin and small samples, suitably shaped samples, environment-sensitive samples, irregularly shaped samples, small sample amounts. D4/S4 combined system for XRD and XRF application. Bragg-Brentano or Göbel Mirrors



New entry-level system for powder diffraction applications. Bragg-Brentano and parallel beam geometry.




Advanced powder diffractometer with parallel beam and Bragg-Brentano geometry




Centric Eulerian Cradle sample stage, reflectometry, thin films, semiconductors. Also available with GADDS detector. For high-throughput combinatorial screening  the  GADDS CS/CST provides for rapid screening of materials libraries, in reflection or in transmission geometry




Small angle X-ray scattering system. Nanostructure analysis by means of Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), nanostructure mapping by means of X-ray Nanography, molecular structure determination by means of Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS)

Bourevestnik, Inc




High capability and precision powder diffractometer

Ital Structures

APD 2000


Multipurpose, High performance, high flexibility, high precision diffractometer. Parallel beam optics, focusing Ka1 monochromators


X-RED 3000


Multifunctional and high speed (curved Position Sensitive Detector) diffractometer system, several high and low temperature attachments


HRD 3000


Materials characterization, Seven motorized degrees of freedom, Big Eulerian cradle open chi-circle. Suitable for man applications, including texture, thin film, strain, reflectometry.




Portable diffractometer for Residual Stress

INEL Instrumentation Electronique

 INEL provides a fast tool for detecting X-rays based upon our unique position sensitive detector designs. INEL systems range from routine powder diffractometers to complex goniometers for texture or thin films measurements. A vast variety of sample holders and thermal stages adapt to the goniometer, offering enhanced capabilities performance for many experiments, including thin films, dynamic and in-situ studies. INEL also proposes a set of other devices to increase the comfort of users.


X'Pert PRO


Advanced powder diffractometer




The X’Pert PRO MPD is the multi-purpose X-ray diffraction system for the analytical laboratories in universities and industry. It is the ideal system for demanding environments where different people with different samples are performing different types of analysis.


CubiX PRO and CubiX FAST


High speed diffraction particularly suitable for industrial process control integration




Small angle X-ray scattering is a versatile technique for studying structural details in the nanometer range. Wide angle X-ray scattering allows local ordering to be recognized in e.g. polymers and membranes. Combined in one system, the two techniques form an exceptionally powerful analytical solution

Thermo Electron Corp.

ARL X'TRA powder diffractometer


The ARL X'TRA is a state-of-the-art instrument for powder X-ray diffraction: the new engineering design of the goniometer and Peltier colled Si(Li) solid state detector produce a high performance instrument at an affordable price.

Capabilities include: Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, Standardless quantitative analysis by Rietveld method,  Crystallographic analysis, Low and high temperature XRD




Film thickness, preferred orientation, composition, and perfection of these crystals as well as epitaxially grown crystals.


Ultima III


Solution-oriented products to perform the latest materials analysis tasks




The NANO-Viewer provides a dedicated 2D system for small angle scattering. This system can extend SAXS measurements to anisotropic materials such as films and fibers. This system is ideal for membranes and free-standing coatings.


D/MAX 2000 PC


Rigaku’s D/MAX family of X-ray diffractometers continues to evolve with the 2000/PC. This system includes focusing and parallel-beam optics, which can be exchanged by the user in half a minute without realignment.




Rigaku/MSC makes another breakthrough with the D/MAX-RAPID microdiffraction system. The curved image plate technology offers high-sensitivity, high-resolution, high-speed and large area compared with multiwire and CCD technology.




The Miniflex is a compact X-ray diffraction system which can be transported from the laboratory to the field. It can be readily installed at any location, including the sampling site.




The Multiflex is affordable "theta-theta" X-ray diffraction system. This precise instrument is a powerful yet easy-to-use analytical tool; and, the accompanying software which works in a Windows™ environment is the industry standard.


Crystal Orientation System


To provide crystals with characteristics optimal for various end uses, demands accurate control of the cutting direction with respect to the crystal axis and precise measurement of the crystal orientation. The Rigaku Piezo Goniometer (2990 Series) is designed to meet this demand.




Rigaku has incorporated this PSPC detector with its X-ray stress analyzer system to obtain high-speed and micro-area measurement of residual stress. Compared with the conventional method, the measurement time can be reduced drastically, 10 to 100 times faster depending upon the kind of measurement.




The q/q goniometer system, TTRAX, is the world's first diffraction system specifically designed to incorporate the 18 kW rotating anode X-ray high power X-ray generator into the q/q configuration. Thus, the system permits measurement of free liquid surfaces of materials including room temperature liquids and substances in their molten state.




Many analytical problems can be overcome by simultaneously performing XRD and DSC measurements on the same sample, and thus Rigaku/MSC offers the XRD-DSC for these special applications.


FR-E SuperBright


The FR-E SuperBright supersedes the proven FR-D as the home laboratory source with the highest usable flux.


GBC Scientific

MMA-Mini Materials Analyzer


Compact powder diffractometer with parallel beam and focusing geometry. Multiply sample stages, auto sampling. Suitable for most powder diffraction applications -thin film, stress, texture etc.. XRF detector for simultaneous chemical analyses.

Kratos Analytical

a Shimadzu Group



General purpose diffractometer




High performance parallel beam geometry diffractometer




New high precision theta - theta goniometer for large samples. Large R-theta stage enables automatic stress mapping over entire sample up to 350mm diameter.





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