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We have prepared many pages of Technical Notes to assist our customers with various aspects of powder diffraction  technique applied to the solution of their specific problems. These Notes are introductory materials for various powder diffraction techniques. Every Note is intend to address common aspects of method-specific problems, such as phase  identification, phase quantification,  minor and parasitic phases, frequent problems associated with samples, their preparation for analysis etc. By our opinion, these Notes will be a great help for newcomers, students or experts as their first introduction  to new class of problems and materials. Most importantly, our listing  of References at end of each Note will help you with your in depth knowledge with new and specific problems.

We are working to make these Notes up to date, changing contents, improving readability and references. Your suggestion and comments are welcome. These Notes are can be freely used for self-learning purposes, educational process with students, so please feel free to print them or photocopy, copy paste into your lecture notes. All other uses of these Notes should be pre-agreed with XRD.US for Copyright limitations.

If you decided to write a application note on specific topic, let us know, we will review it and your authorship will be acknowledged

Currently we pleased to offer the following Technical Notes:



Note No



Link to TechNote

TN-101 Ab initio Structure Determination XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/ab initio structure determination.htm
TN-102  Expert Witness XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/expert witness.htm
TN-103  Grazing Incidence Diffraction XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/grazing incidence diffraction.htm
TN-104  High Temperature Diffraction XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/high temperature diffraction.htm
TN-105  Neutron Diffraction XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/neutron diffraction.htm
TN-106  Percentage Crystallinity XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/percentage crystallinity.htm
TN-107  Phase Identification XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/phase identification.htm
TN-108  Precision Lattice Parameters XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/precision lattice parameters.htm
TN-109  Preferred Orientation XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/preferred orientation.htm
TN-1010  Quantitative Phase Analysis XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/quantitative phase analysis.htm
TN-1011  Residual Stress XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/residual stress.htm
TN-1012  Retained Austenite XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/retained austenite.htm
TN-1013  Rietveld Structure Refinement XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/rietveld structure refinement.htm
TN-1014 Crystallite size, size distribution and strain XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/size and strain analysis.htm
TN-1015 Synchrotron Diffraction XRD.US http://www.xrd.us/technote/synchrotron diffraction.htm




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