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Focusing X-ray diffractometers working in Bragg-Brentano geometry use a principle which is over 2000 years old -  Euclid once proposed that in a circle, a cord will subtend equal angles at points on  the circumference, no matter where the points are chosen.  Since Parrish's proposition the diffraction principle has changed very little.  Powder diffractometers are generally reliable instruments capable of producing good quality data for many years. However, due to the relatively quick aging of the automation control electronics and software, they became old fashioned and obsolete. Since goniometers and their diffraction geometry have changed very little, they are easy to upgrade.  Several companies are producing hardware and software for the automation and control of old diffractometers.
Company Product
GBC Scientific Equipment Pty. Ltd., Australia

Difftech 122D

Upgrades hardware and software for old diffractometers to provide automation control and data acquisition.  

Capabilities: driving theta/2theta coupled and decoupled goniometers, automatic sample changers, single and multi pass, data collection optimization. Suitable also for temperature stages, texture and stress goniometers and multiple axes. The Difftech 122D provides hardware control and is complemented with the Visual XRD software.


Materials Data, Inc.,



XRD control Automation. Stepper motor control replaces obsolete systems and/or automates manual diffractometers. The DataBox is complemented with DataScan software which provides many useful features, making it comparable with new diffractometer systems.

Capabilities: new scan progress, multiple diffractometer support, multiple user support, improved support for Theta-Theta goniometers.


Radicon Ltd.



This application software for personal computers is aimed at programming and automation of  the operation of various hardware components of X-ray diffractometer, such as detectors, motors, relays and sensors.





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