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XRD US offers for sale the following powder diffraction equipment. Listed below equipment is not owned by XRD US, but rather owned by third party organization who wish to sell their equipment.

If you wish to advertise and list your diffraction equipment - independently it is used, reconditioned or new you can do so. This services offered by XRD US free of charge for equipment owners.


Following diffraction equipment -powder diffractometers, accessories are offered for sale




rotating anode diffractometer system


Used Rigaku RU-200 powder diffractometer in excellent condition for sale

Manufacturer, year Rigaku-USA, 1994

Model Rotoflex RU200 High Brilliancy
Type Rotating Anode
Maximum Rated Output 60kV-200mA, 12KW
Tube Voltage 20-60kV in steps of 1kV

Tube Current Output

10-200mA in steps of 1mA
Other Description
  • Power 50 amps,3-phase 208 50/60 Hz

  • 3-Circuits 115 or 120 1-phase 50/60Hz amps.

  • Main can be 200V or 230V 50/60Hz 3-phase





  • Pulse Height Analyzer (PHA) unit and control model 5270H1-Serial #RDO1643,Weight-80lbs

  • New Alcatel Vacuum Pump (roughing)

  • New 450 Alcatel turbo pump

  • Programming Temperature Controller PTC-30

  • Thin Film X-Ray Diffractometer Attachment

  • Radiation shield for Main Unit 

  • Rigaku Micro Laue Camera, used for obtaining Laue patterns of minute samples or Arbitrary minute portions of samples, and also the determination of grains at their arbitrary Points.

  • Scintillation Counter Probe

  • Photographing is possible by both the transmission and reflection methods.

  • Micro Debye-Scherrer camera

  • Selected Area Diffraction camera

  • X-Ray Microdiffraction camera

  • Magnified camera

  • Goniometer PMG-RA

  • Other misc. parts

Operation system



DMAX/B Computer upgrade/DEC Computer included, updated software
Location, delivery, sale conditions and terms This instrument is located in CA, USA and available immediately. Removal of the asset from its current location and shipping it to its desired new location is the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer pays 12% premium to the sale price





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