Sample Requirements:


Single crystal structure determination requires one good crystal large than about 0.01mm.  Unfortunately, the quality of this crystal only could be tested after mounting and taking couple of frames. So, please send more than one crystal.

Describe crystallization conditions, used solvents etc

Describe crystal stability for air, water etc

Describe your instructions and precautions.

If crystal loses solvent supply crystals in the mother liquor

Please read our terms and conditions.

Sample Submission


All samples sent to XRD.US should be accompanied by XRD.US sample submission form. Please take your time to fill out the details on the submission form, they will stay with the sample records in the database, and will be available for future reference.

  • Please provide representative samples of the products to be analyzed. Results apply only to the samples submitted.            

  • Provide specific written instruction together with the sample. Clearly label and identify each of the samples. DO NOT SEND INSTRUCTIONS SEPARATELY.

  • Package and ship samples wrapped in bubble plastic, Styrofoam etc.  Plastic sample vials with screw cap, snap cap or locking-lid tubes are the best and safest option (There are many varieties: check Fisher ScientificTM  catalog Centrifuge Tubes section). 

  • Sample submission should be accompanied by XRD.US sample submission form and a purchase order or a letter of request from our company.  Include sample identification, written instructions, a list of analyses to be performed, name and address, and telephone and fax numbers.

  • All samples are shipped via UPS, Federal Express, or Certified Mail unless otherwise specified.

XRD.US has several types of sample submission forms which we encourage you to use.  Our sample submission forms can be downloaded by clicking links below. If you have any questions please contact us.


Sample submission form PDF


You can also print the same sample submission form in MS Word (.doc) and Rich Text Format (.rtf)If there

Storage of Samples After Analysis


Samples will be retained for a period of 2 weeks after reporting results. If your sample needs to be retained longer than this, please contact us. Storage fees may apply. Hazardous Material samples may be returned to client at our discretion and a return fee will be added to the analyses. 


All samples should be accompanied by written instructions which include the following information


Report To

Name, address, phone number, and fax number of the person who should receive "Report of Analysis".


Invoice To

Name, address and phone number of the person or department to whom the invoice should be sent.


Sample Description

Complete sample description (including quantity) and identification numbers as they should appear on your final "Report of Analysis".  Please include a description of the of the sample container or packaging.


Purchase Order Number

A  Purchase Order Number is required for all testing.  Many clients issue standing P.O.'s for routine testing.


Test Required

Specify all tests to be performed.


Safety & Storage

Special storage and safety information  NOTE: Hazardous samples must be accompanied by an MSDS or other adequate safety information.


Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Request

Some studies intended for submission to EPA and FDA must be performed in accordance with GLP regulations.  There is an additional charge for GLP treatment.  Please indicate if GLP treatment is required.


Special Instructions

Information on preparation, handling or testing of samples, report format, report or invoice copies etc.


Results Needed Date

If you need your test results by a certain date, indicate the date on your Request for Analysis. If we cannot meet your target date and/or if a rush surcharge is applicable, we will call you.


Disposition of Samples

Indicate whether samples should be returned or discarded.  We reserve the right to return any samples.  NOTE:  Unless you request otherwise, all non-hazardous, non-GLP samples are discarded within 2 weeks after report is issued.



Please sign and date the sample submission forms.

Note:  For each test requested, please submit separately packaged, labeled samples.  This will expedite the testing of your samples.
The submission of a complete “Request for Analysis” with your samples will reduce the turnaround time of your test and ensure that the information on the “Report of Analysis” meets your expectations.

Contact XRD.US

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