Powder diffraction data files sent to XRD.US for analysis - phase identification, quantitative phase analysis, Rietveld structure refinement, Ab initio structure determination - should be preferable in original format or at least have not been processed numerically. Please do not alter the original intensity data.


Data File Requirements:


We can read and process every imaginable format produced by common and uncommon diffraction equipment. Submission of the original diffractometer files are always preferred.


If you have modified the original files, reformatted or processed them in anyway, e.g. have removed the background or Ka2 component, or the diffraction data have been processed by smooth function etc, we  definitely want to know this.


We  can also process any ASCII files.


Please call for assistance if there are any other questions.


Please read our terms and conditions.

Data acquisition information


 It is important for us to know how the data were collected:

  • Diffractometer,

  • Goniometer radius,

  • Diffractometer geometry

  • Monochromators

  • Slice before and after the sample

  • Detector

  • Sample size (width and depth)

  • Step size

  • Counting statistics

Sample origin, processing, preparation for  diffraction experiment


Please describe the origin of the samples, how they were processed and prepared for diffraction experiments.


Data transfer


Please make sure that your files for transmission are virus-free


The diffraction data files for phase identification and quantification can be send to us by e-mail or FTP.


Please call for assistance if there are any other questions.


Please read our terms and conditions.

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