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Powder diffraction analysis

Powder  diffraction courses

Laboratory powder diffraction, Synchrotron sources,

CW Neutron diffraction

TOF Neutron diffraction

Phase identification,

Quantitative phase analysis

Rietveld structure refinement

Ab initio structure determination

Ab-initio structure determination with powder diffraction data,  Rietveld structure refinement, Rietveld phase quantification


Diffraction equipment consulting

Powder diffraction software

Diffractometer vendors

Powder diffractometers,  performance, price comparison,  high resolution, routine data collection, combinatorial screening, high temperature attachments, sample changers, reliability

Data acquisition, diffractometer automation software, data processing and analysis, powder indexing, Rietveld analysis, pattern decomposition, public domain software

Commercial powder diffractometer makers,  resellers of new and used diffractometers


Technical Notes

Application Notes

Software vendors

TechNotes are introductory articles on various powder diffraction techniques, references


ApplNotes are describing use of powder diffraction for solution of academic and industrial problems,  as well as links to websites where these topics are discussed in details

Commercial powder diffraction software vendors




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