Advanced Powder Diffraction Courses


XRD.US is offering the following advanced powder diffraction courses: Rietveld structure refinement, Ab initio structure determination with powder diffraction data and Quantitative phase analysis by Rietveld method. These courses are designed  for  scientific and  technical professionals from academy and industry. Only introductory level of familiarity with powder diffraction is required to take full advantage of these courses material. Advanced concepts and computational methods of crystallography and of powder diffraction are introduced, explained with examples from materials science, mineralogy, soil science, environmental and other areas.  Important feature of these courses is the manner in which both concentrated theory and practice methods are delivered in favor of over-complicating or over-simplifying approach.

Rietveld Structure Refinement

The course objective is to give a crystallographic and mathematical background of  Rietveld method and hands-on knowledge of modern Rietveld structure refinement software packages. Lectures covering the basics of crystallography, powder diffraction, least square method will be followed by practical sessions devoted to refinement of various easy and challenging structures....read more

Quantitative Phase Analysis by Rietveld Method

The course will consist of two components, the theory of Rietveld phase quantification method and the practical application and use of software packages for Rietveld quantitative analysis. All participants will be supplied with notebook computers with installed necessary software, database, and x-ray diffraction data files of samples of various origins for quantification and tools for learning. The course consists of series of lectures and exercises followed by practical sessions on PCs. Vendors’ representatives will present modern phase quantification software....read more

Ab initio Structure Determination with Powder Diffraction Data

Ab initio crystal structure determination  with powder diffraction data is not a straightforward process because of the accuracy in integrated intensity that is due to the peaks overlapping, preferred orientation and other factors. The course objective is to give a crystallographic and mathematical background of common ab initio approaches  and hands-on knowledge of modern diffraction data reduction and structure solution and refinement software packages for academia, government and industry professionals....read more




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