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Application of Powder Diffraction for Soils



Application of Powder diffraction  for study of soils


  2. “SOIL ANALYSIS USING RIETVELD QUANTITATIVE X-RAY DIFFRACTION (RQXRD),” Robin M. Gonzalez and Ryan S. Winburn, Great Lakes Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Minneapolis, MN, June 2002.


Common Phases

Sample Preparation

Phase Identification

Phase Quantification

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AN-1025 Powder diffraction of Soils XRD.US

Division S-9 of the SSSA focuses on the solid inorganic phases controlling the physico-chemical processes in soils and sediments. To help solve problems related to agriculture, the environment, and the engineering usage of soils and sediments, we 1) identify and quantify the amounts of individual soil mineral phases that occur and measure their distribution; 2) characterize the bulk and surface structures of natural and synthetic soil minerals as well as the physical and chemical properties associated with these structures; 3) determine the types, mechanisms and rates of mineral transformations in soils and sediments; and 4) assess the nature and impact of the interactions of mineral phases with other soil components.

This focus leads to better management and utilization of the soil resource for agricultural, environemental, and engineering applications.




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